Why TreeNation ?

In short, ISLAH means to always bring out the best version of yourself. The name and logo on our garments should be a reminder of that purpose. We have chosen to support a different cause with each collection. With our first collection Fragmented Dreams '21 we donated 10% of the order amount to TheWaterProject with every order. They build wells in areas where it is difficult for populations to get water.

The followers of ISLAH Studios on instagram have voted to help the environment and climate with our current collection. Each order contributes to a more beautiful, liveable and healthier earth for generations to come.

ISLAH has chosen to plant a tree with every order placed for the current collection in collaboration with TreeNation.

The TreeNation project is a project that stands for the environment, mother nature and future generations. As an organization, TreeNation is committed to the environment and partners with individuals and businesses to give back to the world. By planting trees, the organization helps create a healthier climate, protects biodiversity and helps with reforestation around the world.

They started in 2014 planting a few thousand trees. Now 8 years later, it has planned more than 15 million trees by 2022. Together with many volunteers and local organizations in North America, Asia and Africa that help to get as many rees in the ground as possible.

Here are some facts about why trees are essentials;

The Many Benefits Of Trees – SabinoCanyon.com