Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% sustainable, but fortunately it it possible to be more sustainable. But how do you find out which clothing meets these requirements, and which has also been produced under good working conditions?

Almost all major fashion brands are involved in forced labor (via OneWorld). The fact that Uyghurs are abused in China, including through forced labor on cotton plantations and factories, has been known for a long time. How can you be sure that a piece of clothing is 'safe' or at least free of forced labour? The short answer: It's complicated. The size of the clothing industry is such that is difficult to be sure that there is no abuse anywhere in the supply chain.

Unfortunately, 100% sustainable does not exist, which is why ISLAH speaks of more sustainable. Sustainable purchasing is difficult, but more sustainable is possible. It may take some time and knowledge - but it can be done.


What does ISLAH do?

As a relatively young clothing brand, we as ISLAH also want to contribute to sustainable fashion. From our collections you may have noticed that some garments are made from organic cotton. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible in the fashion industry to produce all garments with raw materials that reduce the ecological footprint, but when the opportunity arises, you can rest assured that ISLAH will take that opportunity. 

to reduce our environmental impact, all orders are packed in recyclable plastic bags or recycled cardboard boxes. to contribute to the CO2 reduction, we try to ship all orders GoGreen via DHL, but unfortunately this option is not always available. If your order is shipped green, you will always receive a message from us!

ISLAH sells fair trade clothing. This means that our garments are made under good conditions, no child labor and no forced labour. These are our standards and to maintain them we choose our suppliers carefully, we gain insight into the working conditions and we keep close contact with our contact persons and production managers.